Director of Statistics

ROLE SUMMARY Provide scientific leadership and technical support for Pfizer clinical and non-clinical projects. This is a science-based position with limited managerial and administrative responsibilities.  The applicant will work with teams in many therapeutic areas, on both clinical and non-clinical applications. Activities include assistance with complex and novel study designs and data analyses, and the development of specialized software to support them.  We are actively involved in discussions towards key go/no decisions, and regulatory and product defense strategies. The applicant is expected to develop effective collaborations with relevant stakeholders (including Study Statisticians, Clinical, Development Operations, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Regulatory and Safety. The responsibilities and effort for the position are divided approximately equally between project-specific collaboration, longer-term methodological research to support drug development, training and external activities.  In addition, the SRI develops scientific collaborations across academia, industry and regulators to advance drug development methodologies.  External publications, presentations, and other professional activities are supported. The successful candidate will: Increase expertise amongst Pfizer statisticians through dissemination of statistical knowledge, new methodologies and regulatory guidelines  Lead the development and implementation of techniques based on state-of-the-art statistical research and seek creative solutions through collaborations and interactions with other experts for drug development problems.  Develop effective internal collaborations,. Provide external influence through collaborative partnership, scholarship and professional networking with academic, government and industry statisticians ROLE RESPONSIBILITIES Provide statistical advice on complex statistical problems arising in Pfizer projects. Develop, implement and promote methodologies based on state-of-the-art statistical research and dissemination of the results both internally and externally. Perform and assist with complex and novel study designs and data analyses and the development of specialized software to support them. Provide consultation on statistical issues to the Statistics Leadership Team, and Pfizer management in Discovery, Clinical Development, Medical Affairs, Regulatory and other pertinent groups.  Participate actively in discussions towards key go/no decisions, key regulatory and product defense strategies  Provide a strong presence for Pfizer with regulatory and professional organizations to influence knowledge generation and content of regulatory guidelines and their interpretation in practice.  Develop effective collaborations with relevant non-statistical researchers (such as, Clinical, Pharmacology, Development Operations, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Safety). Stay current with  research on statistical methodology and its applications pertinent to the Pfizer business needs. Be up-to-date on training and compliance with all Pfizer SOPs as required based on the assigned curriculum. BASIC QUALIFICATIONS  Ph.D. in Statistics or Biostatics or equivalent postgraduate statistical training field) plus minimum of 5 years of experience in appliedstatistics.   Candidates with less work experience, or experience in other fields, will also be considered if they have exceptional methodology research credentials and potential.   PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS Evidence of creative thought-leadership, professional presence, and scholarship through publications and presentations.  Effective verbal and written communication skills in relating to colleagues and associates both inside and outside the organization. Broad-based understanding of statistical theory and its application.  4722915
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
5 - 7 years

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